We are different

We are an innovative line of agricultural products which promote natural solutions all backed-up with recent American agronomic data science in open fields and various crops. Our natural solutions will help you to reduce your chemical inputs whilst you will continue to grow your numbers (quality yield). Our products contain very potent natural active ingredients. We do not compromise by adding chemicals in our products like: NPK's, macro- micro nutrients, or other chemicals..., we deliver the entire solution, pure and natural. Our products rely on proprietary technologies that C-Green-ag Biotechnology has invented and developed and which allow to deliver groups of natural potent active ingredients obtained from different and various selected species of seaweed. This is very unique on the market and makes the difference on the crop in the field.

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Our raw materials come from the sea

All natural and certified organic origins. Sourced around the globe. For centuries, certain varieties of seaweeds have engineered and developed phenomenal abilities to survive and multiply. Our knowledge of seaweeds makes the difference.

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Our proprietary technologies make us truly different

From a selection of five specific and selected seaweeds, C-Green-Ag Biotechnology, selects, extracts and preserves five groups of active ingredients. Each of these five groups of active ingredients naturally enhance and improve vital and critical metabolic functions on the crop. We invented and developed advanced proprietary technologies and industrial processes of extraction. This makes us truly different!

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Our natural products increase the quality yield

Our products are 99.8% natural and based on rare and selected seaweeds which are all from certified organic origins. As proven by agronomic studies, they increase the quality yield and help to improve the efficacy of your fungicides. They also help to reduce the chemicals inputs within the fertilizing plans. Our products promote a more sustainable agriculture.


Our efficacy has been demonstrated by American made agronomic studies

Since 2012, the products have been evaluated in the US by third party and independent scientists. These agronomic studies have been realized on several different crops like perennial fruit trees, small fruit crops and vegetables. All these agronomic trials have been made on top of the Grower Standard and realized in open field with high reputed American growers. These agronomic studies confirm the effectiveness of the C-Green-Ag Biotechnology's products not only to generate a more quality yield with proven return on investment but also it helps to grow more natural whilst continuing increasing your productivity.