PHYSIOPOWER® is the SOD and turf powerhouse that produces an outstanding root attachment, a longlasting vivid green color and a healthier crop every time. Farmers all over the country are seeing the results of this biostimulant that is all natural and easy to use. PHYSIOPOWER® is a product highly which contains high natural potent active ingredients that mother nature has set since hundreds and hundreds years and it did it for very good reasons. Thanks to the invented, proprietary and exclusive technology developed by C-Green-Ag Biotechnology, we are able to extract and stabilize, very fragile groups of natural active ingredients. We are so confident with PHYSIOPOWER® that we tell our farmers it will exceed their expectations. This new high-tech product is all natural and works synergistically with you fungicides and fertilizers. PHYSIOPOWER® is a new generation of biostimulants with proven results. It is not a fertilizer nor a fungicide.

Phyto-H Active Compounds
Immuno Activators
Sustainable Agriculture
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The Benefits of Using PHYSIOPOWER®

It is not a fertilizer nor a fungicide, but works synergistically in combination with your fungicides and fertilizers. PHYSIOPOWER® will help you to improve the efficacy of your fungicides (immuno-activators inside), as a matter of facts, this will also help you to minimize and/or to reduce your chemical inputs and when in the same time you will continuously increase your keys of performance. It will help you to grow more natural, more sustainable and more profitable!  The agronomic studies are showing that PHYSIOPOWER® promotes and improves more root mass density & attachement, earlier maturity, a more vivid and long lasting green color (photosynthesis activator), with an overall healthier yield and a better resistance to abiotic stress such as drought. PHYSIOPOWER® is probably the best anti-stress of the market and it will cut your losses and send you to harvest quicker.

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PHYSIOPOWER™ has been created to provide more root attachment and more roots feeding. In the meantime, the crop will be more resistant to the abiotic stress, more specifically “drought”. Because of its exceptional concentration in specific natural active ingredients, the photosynthesis is sur-activated and will provide a more vivid and long lasting green color. The natural immuno-activators contained will help to improve the efficacy of the fungicides. Grow more efficiently, grow more naturally, grow more sustainable, grow more profitable!

for Turf & Sod

Every 7 Days

Every 14 Days

Enhance Lifting & Colors

Program A
1 Pint/Acre

1 Pint/Acre


2 Quarts/Acre a month prior to harvest

Program B
1 Quart/Acre


1 Quart/Acre

2 Quart/Acre a month prior to harvest

Crop Specific Treatment Program

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Is PHYSIOPOWER helps to grow a more Quality TURF and/or SOD?

Objectives: To evaluate the use of PHYSIOPOWER® to improve yield and Quality on SOD (Zoysia grass)



Root weight (High Rate)


Foliage Dry weight (High Rate)


Physiopower® is zero Phyto-toxicity

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