The solution that promotes a quality yield with high precision. A material that allow you to play and "fine tuning" on different aspects of your crop. You are not looking for more berries but for well shaped berries (reduced millerandage) with an homogenous color break (uniform veraison)? Without compromising the quality, you are looking for a product material more natural which might help you to minimize and/or to reduce your chemical inputs? A more healthy crop without increasing your chemicals? UNIFLO® is your solution, a new generation of products with proven results. Farmers all over the country are using UNIFLO® on their grape. It is not a fertilizer nor a fungicide. UNIFLO® is a potent natural solution made with highly natural and active ingredients taken from mother nature. (proprietary & exclusive technology developed & invented by C-Green-Ag Biotechnology)

Phyto-H Active Compounds
Immuno Activators
Sustainable Agriculture
SDS & Product Label
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A petri dish, laboratory flask, and a boiling flask with a round bottom filled colored fluids or solids, between two sets of grapes

The Benefits of Using UNIFLO®

Farmers are seeing the grapevine strengthened at the core and replenished for higher marketable yields with more uniform clusters, berry sizes (reduces millerandage) with a more homegenous color break (improves the veraison). UNIFLO® promotes a more quality yield, healthier flowering, better berry shape, uniform berry size, early maturity, and is the best anti stress on the market.

According adapted programs, you will be able with more accuracy to play on the quality yield or on the well shaped berries with a nice veraison and an earlier maturity. Please consult our specialists.

UNIFLO® is a not a fertilizer nor a fungicide but works in combination with fertilizers and crop protection materials. It also helps to reduce the amount of chemical inputs and improve the efficacy of your fungicides. By increasing your quality numbers, you will grow with us more natural, more sustainable, more profitable!

Marketable Yield
Uniform Size clusters and berries
Uniform sizes (clusters & berries)
Homogenous Veraison (color break)
Healthier Crop

UNIFLO® Main Program

UNIFLO™ has been set up to promote naturally better shaped and more uniform size berries, with a nice and homogenous color break (veraison). In the meantime, the natural immune activators contained will improve the efficacy of the fungicides and will also help to reduce your chemical inputs whilst you will continue to produce more quality yield. Grow more efficiently, grow more naturally!

Stages of Application





FOLIAR application
per Acre

1 Quart
/ Application

1 Quart
/ Application

1 Quart
/ Application

1 Quart
/ Application


Reduces Millerandage (non uniform berries on clusters)

Crop Specific Treatment Program