Green Beans

Green beans growers all over the country are constantly fighting disease and pests in their crops. Due to these stresses, it can be tempted to add more crop protection and more nutriotional product materials. Both cases and mot commonly, it will be overall more chemicals added and this might engender an unbalanced crop with low sizes, reduced canopy, low fruit set.... Where do you find a natural product that can boost the overall quality yield and health of your Green beans plants? VEGRO®, a natural bio stimulant is the answer.

Size #6.5, More yield in most marketable quality
Overall more yield Increase on sizes # 5;6.5;7
Healthier Crop
Agronomic Data
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The Green beans market is highly competitive and all farmers are looking for a great quality yield with most marketable sizes obtained. If a nice vivid green and a more vigorous crop to the pressure disease can be obbtained that would be ideal. But disease and pests plague your crop, and this causes you to spend more and more on chemical inputs, which cuts into your profit margins.


VEGRO® for Green Beans is the answer and will exceed your expectations! VEGRO® produces a higher quality yield with most marketable sizes promoted whilst a nice homogenous color with substantial early maturity and a more vigorous crop can be obtained. VEGRO® is the product that farmers wants to respond the new deal and to improve the overall health of their crops.

VEGRO® has been formulated to generate the following:

  • Quality yields and faster growth
  • Uniform sizes and well shaped beans
  • Well balance crop between vegetation and fruit-set
  • Reduce early drop and loss
  • Improved efficacy of the fungicides
  • Improved overall health of crop
  • Anti-stress (negative stress)

VEGRO® is a new generation of potent bio stimulants based on natural and concentrated seaweed marine active ingredients. VEGRO® helps reduce the amount of chemical inputs and is not a fertilizer nor a fungicide.  Click here to read our agronomic studies on different crops that demonstrate scientifically the performance of our products.

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VEGRO® Program

VEGRO® helps to restore and/or to improve cell's differentiation, cell's division and cell's enlargement or, in other words, to safely grow more and better. These applications increase and secure the pre-fecundation, fecundation and post-fecundation natural processes. It is at the fecundation that all natural genetic codes are set, it is the moment that everything is getting decided, then cell's elongation or enlargement it is the process to fill the cells. The quality of the flowering, the fruit-set, this is where you will get more fruits, more sizes, better shaped fruit. VEGRO® is also very performant at cell's enlargement and promotes so nice uniform sizes and earlier maturity. VEGRO® also produces another significant effect by promoting and improving the crop’s photosynthesis activity. The result: firmer fruit and less early fruit drop with an early maturity (nutrient uptake). It also improves the efficacy of your fungicides (proven efficacy, please refer to agronomic data).

Stages of Application

3 True Leaves unfolded

Every 7 Days

1 Pint per Acre



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Veggies - Bell peppers "special quality yield and Antrachnose disease"

Objectives: When applied by foliar spray, to demonstrate the ability of Vegro® to improve the efficacy of the fungicides for the antrachnose control and to help to grow more natural. Main parameters monitored for this study: Pressure disease (severity); Yield (weight & fruit counts) and fruit size distribution.



Vegro® brings +8% more efficacy to the fungicides between [T2] and [T3] GS

+65 Pcs

More fruit count between [T2] and [T3] GS


Fruit count wise, in % between [T2] and [T3] GS

+5 Lbs

More weight count between [T2] and [T3] GS


In percentage between [T2] and [T3] (Vegro® net contribution).


More LARGE sizes with Vegro® in [T2] than in [T3] GS


More JUMBO's size with Vegro® in [T2] than in [T3] GS


Less Trash for Grower in [T2] than [T3] GS


Vegro® is zero Phytotoxicity
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Veggies - Green Beans farm experiment for Quality Yield

Objectives: In real conditions within the same block, back to back, grower standard untreated versus grower standard treated, just one variable added: to show and demonstrate the ability of VEGRO® to improve at first the quality yield and more particularly, the marketability by improving larger sizes and more uniform sizes. Main parameters monitored for this study: Yield (weight and unit pieces count), color, fruit size distribution.



Size #6.5, Yield in most marketable quality


Overall Yield Increase on sizes # 5;6.5;7