Peanuts growers across the country face the challenges of disease and pest that can significantly decrease the crops yield.  The plants must be fortified to have a quality yield with uniform pod size and be brought to maturity, all at the same rate, so that harvest is not late.

Where do you find a product that will generate this kind of healthy crop? VEGRO® is the answer.

Quality Yield
Uniform Size
Early Maturity
Healthier Crop
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Your peanut crop is continuously exposed to pests and disease which cause stress. More and more chemical input is costing you and cutting into your profit margins.  Weather is out of your control but fortifying your peanut crop is within your control.


VEGRO® for peanuts will exceed your expectations. This is the solution that farmers all over the country are talking about. VEGRO® generates a nice homogenous size pod with substantial early maturity. VEGRO® if a new generation of potent bio stimulants based on natural and concentrated seaweed marine active ingredients. VEGRO® has been specifically formulated to promote your peanut crop in the following ways:

  • Quality yields
  • Faster growth
  • Well balanced crop between vegetation and pod-set
  • Reduce losses
  • Early maturity rate
  • Improves efficacy of your fungicides
  • Improves overall crop health
  • Relieves stress (negative stress)
  • With

With VEGRO® you will reduce the need for chemical inputs. Our products are not fertilizers or fungicides, but they work in combination with your promotion products. VEGRO® also helps reduce your chemical inputs, naturally. Click here to read out various studies on different crops that demonstrate scientifically the performance of our products.

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VEGRO® Peanuts Program

VEGRO® helps to restore and/or to improve cell's differentiation, cell's division and cell's enlargement or, in other words, to safely grow more and better. These applications increase and secure the pre-fecundation, fecundation and post-fecundation natural processes. It is at the fecundation that all natural genetic codes are set, it is the moment that everything is getting decided, then cell's elongation or enlargement it is the process to fill the cells. The quality of the flowering, the fruit-set, this is where you will get more fruits, more sizes, better shaped fruit. VEGRO® is also very performant at cell's enlargement and promotes so nice uniform sizes and earlier maturity. VEGRO® also produces another significant effect by promoting and improving the crop’s photosynthesis activity. The result: firmer fruit and less early fruit drop with an early maturity (nutrient uptake). It also improves the efficacy of your fungicides (proven efficacy, please refer to agronomic data).

Stages of Application

Main Stem Elongation

Inflorescence Emergence

Beginning of Flowering

Full Flowering

Fruit Growth & Seeds

Foliar Spray

1 Pint per Acre

1 Pint per Acre

1 Quart per Acre

1 Quart per Acre

1 Quart per Acre


Main stem elongation (crop cover)

From time that 80% of plants meet between rows to complete crop cover (90% of plants meet between rows).


Inflorescence emergence

First individual flowers, buds visible.



Beginning of flowering.



Full flowering.


Fruit growth and seeds.

Beginning of pod development: tip of first carpophore pegs swollen (at least twice the original diameter).

VEGRO® promotes vital metabolic functions in crop, such as cell differentiation, division and enlargement. It also naturally improves the crop’s health.

It Enhances and improves intercellular communication speed. Meanwhile, it also improves metabolic signal quality. This increases the crop’s ability to conduct its natural growth