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As a turf and sod grower you have several concerns; solid root attachment (horizontal & vertical growth), resistance to drought, vivid green color and accelerated maturity. Where do you find a natural product that can improve the overall health of your crop? PHYSIOPOWER™ is your answer!

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Your crop is exposed to various and numerous stresses and diseases. These alter the quality of the yield. More and more chemicals are needed which are costing you a considerable amount and cutting into profit margins. Since the turf & sod market is highly competitive and every single aspect such as: root attachment, color, resistance to abiotic stress and quick maturity are factors you must find a product that can improve the health of your yield.

Our Solution

PHYSIOPOWER™ for turf & sod is the answer for your crop. PHYSIOPOWER™ promotes a nice vivid green and homogenous color with substantial early maturity and incomparable resistance to abiotic stress and drought. PHYSIOPOWER™ is a new generation of potent bio stimulants based on natural and concentrated seaweed marine active ingredients.

PHYSIOPOWER™ has been uniquely formulated to promote growth in turf and sod. These are the benefits:

  • Quality yield
  • Faster growth and improved root attachment
  • Pump effect to nutritional
  • Osmoprotector
  • Losses reduced
  • Improves overall health
  • Best anti stress on the market (negative stress)
  • Early maturity
  • Improves efficacy of the fungicides

With PHYSIOPOWER™ you will be using a natural product that has been proven in the turf and sod industry. It is not a fertilizer or a fungicide but works in conjunction with these additives. PHYSIOPOWER™ will help reduce the chemical inputs and will exceed your expectations. Click here to read our agronomic studies on different crops to demonstrate scientifically the performance of our products.

Get a Free Copy of a study on PHYSIOPOWER™ being used for turf and sod.

PHYSIOPOWER® Turf & Ornamentals Program

PHYSIOPOWER™ has been created to provide more root attachment and more roots feeding. In the meantime, the crop will be more resistant to the abiotic stress, more specifically “drought”. Because of its exceptional concentration in specific natural active ingredients, the photosynthesis is sur-activated and will provide a more vivid and long lasting green color. The natural immuno-activators contained will help to improve the efficacy of the fungicides. Grow more efficiently, grow more naturally, grow more sustainable, grow more profitable!


Every 7 Days

Every 14 Days

To enhance lifting & color

(A) Program
1 Pint per Acre

1 Pint per Acre


2 Quarts per acre a month prior to harvest

(B) Program
1 Quart per Acre


1 Quart per Acre

2 Quarts per acre a month prior to harvest

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Is PHYSIOPOWER helps to grow a more Quality TURF and/or SOD?

Objectives: To evaluate the use of PHYSIOPOWER® to improve yield and Quality on SOD (Zoysia grass)



Root weight (High Rate)


Foliage Dry weight (High Rate)


Physiopower® is zero Phyto-toxicity

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