BIOSTIM 777® is a new generation of products for agriculture specifically formulated for very specific crops which requires fine tuning programs with a greater quality yield within a reinforced shield and resistance against high abiotic stress BIOSTIM 777 is helping to reduce the chemical inputs the programs by notably improving the health of the crop and the efficacy of your fungicides. BIOSTIM 777® is a new product generation with proven results. It is not a fertilizer nor a fungicide. BIOSTIM 777® is a potent natural solution made with highly natural and active ingredients taken from mother nature. (proprietary & exclusive technology developed & invented by C-Green-Ag Biotechnology)

Phyto-H Active Compounds
Immuno Activators
Sustainable Agriculture
SDS & Product Label
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The Benefits of Using BIOSTIM 777®

Our agronomic studies have proven that BIOSTIM 777® is strengthening and renewing special crops such as cotton. BIOSTIM 777 is adapted to special crops which requires fine tuning program. Using BIOSTIM 777® with your fertilizers and fungicides will promote a higher quality yield, larger sizes, more uniformity, less ball drops, improved efficacy of fungicides, and be in overall the best anti stress product you ever experienced notably for drought and high salinity soil.

BIOSTIM 777® is a solution product with proven results "100% made in America" from farmers all over the country. By increasing your quality numbers, you will grow with us more natural, more sustainable, more profitable!

Quality Yield
Uniform Size
Early Maturity
ball drop
Healthier Crop

BIOSTIM 777® Main Program

BIOSTIM 777™ has been set up to promote more quality yield by notably improving the flowering quality which will turn into a higher rate of fruit-set. It will bring as well larger sizes and more uniformity. By the addition of the second group of natural active compounds (protection), the crop will be healthier and more resistant to bad stress. If BIOSTIM 777™ used year after year, you will obtain a progressive and constant growth of your numbers. In the meantime, the natural immuno-activators contained will improve the efficacy of the fungicides and will also help to reduce your chemical inputs whilst you will continue to produce more quality yield. Grow more efficiently, grow more naturally, grow more sustainable!

Stages of Application

From 7th nod

Full bloom to petal fallen

High abiotic stress

per Acre

1 Quart

1 Quart

1 Quart

Crop Specific Treatment Program

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