Product: PRODUCT June 13, 2023

CYAN 365® is a biostimulant that harnesses the power of an exclusive and proprietary combination of natural active compounds. Through this unique formulation, CYAN 365® offers an array of advantages that contribute to the marketability, cosmetic appearance, retention of fruits, and improvement of pound solids.

One of the notable advantages of CYAN 365® is its ability to promote the growth of marketable sizes of fruits. The carefully selected natural actives compounds work synergistically to enhance fruit development, ensuring that they reach desirable sizes for commercial purposes. With CYAN 365®, you can expect a more consistent and abundant yield of fruits that meet the market's demands.

Furthermore, CYAN 365® plays a significant role in enhancing the cosmetic aspect of the fruits. The powerful natural active compounds contained in this biostimulant help to improve the visual appearance of the fruits, making them more visually appealing to consumers. By enhancing the fruit's color, shape, and overall appearance, CYAN 365® can boost the attractiveness and market value of your produce.

In addition, CYAN 365® addresses the issue of premature fruit drop. The exclusive combination of natural actives compounds supports the plant's physiological processes, including hormonal balance, nutrient uptake, and cellular strength, thus reducing the occurrence of premature fruit drop. This leads to improved fruit retention on the tree, allowing for a more efficient harvest and maximizing your overall yield.

Moreover, CYAN 365® contributes to the improvement of pound solids in fruits. Pound solids refer to the concentration of solids, such as sugars and other valuable compounds, in the fruit. The powerful natural actives compounds present in CYAN 365® help optimize the plant's metabolic processes, leading to an increased accumulation of desirable solids in the fruits. This not only enhances the flavor and nutritional value of the produce but also enhances its market appeal.

By incorporating CYAN 365® into your agricultural practices, you can unlock the potential of your crop to yield marketable sizes, enhance cosmetic appearance, reduce premature fruit drop, and improve pound solids. This biostimulant offers a natural and effective solution to elevate the quality and market value of your fruits. All this without adding one single chemical residue in your final piece of fruit...

Embrace the power of CYAN 365® and witness the remarkable transformation of your crop.

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