Product: PRODUCT June 13, 2023

CYAN 365® is a biostimulant that incorporates a unique combination of natural plant hormones. One of the notable advantages of CYAN 365® is its remarkable ability to reduce premature fruit drop in citrus trees. In fact, studies have shown a significant decrease of up to 39% in fruit drop after just thirty days of application.

Premature fruit drop can be a major concern for citrus growers, as it leads to decreased yields and potential economic losses. However, with the application of CYAN 365®, this issue can be effectively addressed. The natural plant hormones present in this biostimulant play a vital role in regulating the physiological processes within the citrus trees, specifically targeting the factors that contribute to premature fruit drop.

By carefully balancing and optimizing the hormonal activity within the citrus trees, CYAN 365® helps to improve fruit retention on the tree. This ensures that the fruits remain attached until they reach maturity, resulting in a higher yield of marketable fruits. The reduction in premature fruit drop provided by CYAN 365® translates to increased productivity and profitability for citrus growers.

Furthermore, the efficacy of CYAN 365® in reducing premature fruit drop is evident within a relatively short period. After just thirty days of application, growers have observed a significant decrease in fruit drop rates. This rapid response demonstrates the effectiveness of CYAN 365® in promoting fruit retention and overall tree health.

By incorporating CYAN 365® into your citrus orchard management practices, you can benefit from its unique combination of natural plant hormones, which have been specifically formulated to combat premature fruit drop. Enjoy increased yields, improved profitability, and a more successful citrus harvest.

CYAN 365® is a powerful natural product which doesn't generate chemical residues into your final production. Actually, it can even help you to reduce the level of your chemical inputs while continuing improving your yield.

Experience the power of CYAN 365® and witness the positive impact it can have on your citrus orchard.

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