How CYAN 365® helped Texas citrus growers after the historical freeze endured in February 2021

Crop: May 11, 2021

This terrible freeze occurred in mid-February 2021, right in the middle of the full bloom stage of growth for these grapefruit trees. Over the course of these seven endless days, 100% of flowers and canopy dropped to the ground (photos A, B, C, D). People must realize that for growers, this represents years and years of investment and intensive care. Human livelihoods and the whole citrus industry was at risk and at stake.

Severe wood damage has been observed, mostly on young citrus trees (photo F).

Once the temperatures finally started to warm up after the freeze, the growers had to deal with the usual abiotic stressors in the Valley, such as drought (Photo E).

(Note: all photos in this article were taken in the Texas citrus valley in the middle of April 2021)

While cruising the groves with the most reputed citrus growers in the valley, I was struck by the fact that it was the oldest growers who were the most optimistic. They were full of energy and immediately looking ahead to the future, already feeling almost excited about overcoming the situation.

I think they did and I had the privilege of sharing these moments with them.

This is why at C-Green-Ag Biotechnology, we are proud to be part of the solution they have found. One good product can show some significant results but it can’t achieve big results alone! However, a highly-skilled experienced grower, orchestrating everything like a musical conductor or a maestro, can transcend the whole situation by combining solutions together with the right assessment of the situation, the right equipments, the right products with the right dosages at the right time... 

Most reputed citrus growers in Texas have been using Cyan 365® for over a year now. We have realized that the trees that received Cyan 365® treatment before and after the freeze are reviving faster and showing vigor that other trees can’t compete with. Here are some photos that speak for themselves. As seen here, these are the kinds of visual contrasts we have observed when growers either did not (photo G) or did (photo H) incorporate Cyan 365® into their program.


Or here, (photos I, J)

Here’s another example in a special greenhouse where one of the most reputed growers in the Valley is conducting his own agronomic trials. The visual differences are very noticeable between the untreated area (photo K) and the treated area (photo L) that incorporates Cyan 365®.

 While some growers feel it’s time to surrender, others continue to believe in better days. Below you can see some of the evidence:

Photo M below shows the grapefruit citrus grove of one of the Valley’s most experienced growers. This grove was in full bloom right before the freeze hit the Valley.

After one full week of freeze, rain, hail, ice, snow and wind, not a single leaf remained on the trees in this grove and 100% of the flowers and/or initiated fruit set had dropped to the ground.

This bleak situation became this view two months later by mid-April 2021...

We observed a faster regrowth of the foliage and we are even seeing fruit set, most of the time at the core of the canopy. By mid-June 2021, we will know with more accuracy what this fresh fruit set will be worth (photos N, O).

Here is Jose Silva (photo P), one of the most experienced growers in the Valley. He has expert agronomy skills and long experience in citrus, along with a great mind-set which shows resilience and a capacity to adapt to critical situations.

This is how Jose and his partners turned a desperate situation into an optimistic and promising situation where they are healing, restoring and planting (photo Q) with adapted solutions in which Cyan 365® has a good share.

Jose was very proud to show me this grove here in the background (photo P), which two months ago looked just like a dead grove.

started its story over a year ago with one of the most well-known growers in the valley, thanks to an ad in Floridan citrus magazines and the citrus grower network between Florida and Texas.

The Texas citrus market is focused, above all, on grapefruit for the fresh market segment.

An agronomic trial was set up and after six months, visual results began to appear and this reputed grower started to share his observations with the other growers in the valley. The trees were healthier and were bearing more quality fruits.

And by the end of the season 2020, we also verified that the sizes of the grapefruit and the skin were presenting a higher marketable value. 

As you can see, these remarkable results demonstrate how the combined power of C Green Ag Biotechnology products with grower expertise and programs can transform a desperate situation into a hopeful one.

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