YIELD / ROOT MASS & CANOPY on young citrus (Valencia) for rapid growth / Commercial Grove

Study Investigator: PhD Mike Edenfield

Location of Study: Florida, USA - Open field

Study Period: Mar 2019 to Oct 2020

[T2] Main Program | SOIL Application
App 1

8 Oz


App 2

8 Oz


App 3

8 Oz


App 4

8 Oz


App 5

8 Oz


  • [T1] Grower Standard (GS)
  • [T2]  GS + CYAN 365® (soil application)


Total product material needs for this trial:


  • • 1.25 Quart per Acre is the total quantity required for this program (0.3125 Gal) 


  • • 5 applications during the growing crop season at the rate of 1/2 pint per acre (8 Oz)


Agronomic details for this trial:
  • • Orange tree, Vernia variety (type of Valencia) 
  • • 1 year old tree transplanted in commercial field on April 1st, 2019
  • • Planted North to South in  Wauchula, FL, USA
  • • Spacing 8Ft x 20Ft with a TPA of 272
  • • Plot size was 7 trees long (56 Ft)
  • • Treatments replicated 4 times
  • • Treatments were initiated in 2019 and continued in 2020.
  • • Soil drench treatments were applied with a standard admire rig.
  • • In 2020, each tree received 12 ounces of treatment water at every application
  • • In 2019, only 8 ounces instead of treatment solution applied per application.
  • • Grower Std was: Soluble fertilizer (20-20-20) at 5 Lbs per 100 Gals of water.
  • • Foliar applications were made with a carbon dioxide powered back-pack sprayer using a single flat fan spray tip (8002 VS)
  • • Foliar treaments were mixed at a rate per 100 gals of water and sprayed until foliage canopy dripped wet with run-off.
  • • At season's end, tree measurements were conducted to determine the effects on growth.
  • On 03rd of January 2021, the canopy height and width were measured to calculate the canopy volume.
  • Trunk diameter was measured with a digital caliper, 1 inch above the bud union
  • Root growth was sampled by using a Turf Tec SPS3-S soil profile sampler.
  • The soil probe extracted a profile sample of 11 inches deep, 3 inches wide, and 0.5 inch thick (16.5 inches3 or 269 cm3)
  • Four soil cores from each tree was collected 18 inches from the trunk base and combined in aggregate per tree.
  • Soil profiles were rinsed in water using a screen mesh strainer and then plant material  was dried and weighed


Date and duration:

• Trial started:  Apr. 1st 2019

• Completed: Oct. 2020

• Total duration: 19 months


Study Results


Root mass


Canopy volume


Cyan 365® is zero Phyto-toxicity

Objectives: To determine within a high commercial standard grove, the rapid growth on young citrus tree (Orange Valencia) when it is treated with Cyan 365®.

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+62% more root mass when you add Cyan 365® to your program for young Valencia trees (oranges)
+35% larger canopy when you add Cyan 365® to your program for young Valencia trees (oranges)