PHYSIOPOWER® helps to grow more yield with a higher quality on ST. AUGUSTINE grass.

Study Investigator: M. Edenfield, PhD

Location of Study: Florida, USA, High Std. Commercial Field

Study Period: May - Dec 2021

[T1] Untreated AKA Grow. Std.
  • • Five applications: 20-20-20 water soluble fertilizer at 5 Lbs/A rate
  • • A,B,C,D,E
  • • Untreated, No Cyan 365
No Cyan 365


All treatments have received the same nutritional an crop protection program:  

20-20-20 water soluble fertilizer at 5 Lbs/Acre

Each application has been scheduled as follow: [A] 05/28/21; [B] 07/03/21; [C] 08/06/21; [D] 08/08/21; [E] 10/06/21


[T2] PhysioPower® added to [T1] at the rate of 32 Oz/A
• Five applications:A,B,C,D,E

1 Qt/A


1 Qt/A


1 Qt/A


1 Qt/A


1 Qt/A

  • • A research trial was conducted in 2021 to evaluate the use of PhysioPower® on St. Augustin (floratam)  cultivated for SOD production.
  • • The trial was conducted at a high standard commercial St Augustin sod farm in Arcadia, FL.
  • • The trial site was harvested for sod in February 2021.
  • • A 14 inch swatch was cut leaving grass ribbons about 4 inches in width.
  • • Following the February harvest, the trial site was managed for sod growth with a potential harvest at the end of December 2021.
  • • In May, 10 ft x 25 ft field plots were established in a East West direction and treatments were replicated 4 times in a randomized complete block design.
  • • The left 6 foot of the 10 ft wide plot was sprayed with a back-pack hand boom
  • • The spray boom was equipped with 6 Tee Jet 80025VS flat fan nozzle tips spaced 12 inches apart and calibrated to deliver 35 gallons of spray solution per acre.
  • • The trial was initiated when the first foliar application was applied on May 28 2021.
  • • Each treatment received 5 applications from May to Oct. 2021.
  • • SOD growth was evaluated on 24th November 2021.
  • • Each plot was sampled for plant growth by using a Turf Tec SPS3-S soil profile sampler.
  • • The soil probe extracted a profile sample of 12 inches deep, 3 inches wide, and 0.5 inches thick (12 inches3 or 197 cm3).
  • • Four soil cores from each plot were collected from each quadrant of the plot and combined in aggregate.
  • •  Soil cores were collected from the 14 inch swath of new growth that was produced in February 2021.
  • • The combined soil volume of 4 samples was 48 in3 (0.04 ft3) or 788 cm3.
  • • Soil profile samples were rinsed in water using a screen mesh strainer and then plant material was dried.
  • • Plant dry matter was separated by below ground roots and above ground thatch and foliage.

Is a product which contains powerful and pure natural active compounds with immuno-activators.

It improves significantly the quality yield and the marketability value of the production,

Physiopower® on top of it improves the efficacy of your fungicides to surrend an healthier crop.

Physiopower® is natural and helps to reduce the chemical residues and therefore is more family friendly and non toxic.

Study Results


Root weight


Foliage Dry weight


Chlorophyll content (green)


Physiopower® is zero Phyto-toxicity

Enriched ++

Anti drought compounds

Objectives: To evaluate the use of PHYSIOPOWER® to improve yield and Quality on SOD (St Augustine Floratam grass)

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CONCLUSIONS OF THE SCIENTIST: PhysioPower® treatment significantly increased the plant dry weight of St. Augustine grass. Roots were increased by 60% and foliage was increased by 30.2%.


Dry weight count in Grams

 NotesBy passing the cursor on the bars of the graph, you will obtain the data value.



Does PHYSIOPOWER brings a more vivid green to the foliage?
Here under the result for a more vivid green color

Chlorophyll content measured scientifically with high precision device.


  • • +12.5 % more chlorophyll content with PhysioPower® than the untreated.
  • By passing the cursor on the bars of the graph, you will obtain the data value.




  • •  Turf leaf color was evaluated by using a Field Scout CM1000 chlorophyll meter.
  • • The CM1000 model uses laser technology to calculate a chlorophyll index value of 0 to 999.
  • • The index value is calculated from the amount of ambient light available and the ambient light reflected.
  • • Chlorophyll readings were taken on November 24 2021 at 11:00AM in full sun when the air temperature was 72F, 10% cloud cover, and solar radiation at 634 w/m2.
  • • The light brightness level was recorded at 4 on an index of 0 to 9 using the CM1000.
  • • The meter was held about 48 inches from the ground which provides a sample area diameter of 4.7 inch (11.8 cm).
  • • Each quadrant within a plot was sampled separately and four measurements were recorded from each quadrant and averaged across all four quadrants for a total of 16 readings per plot