PHYSIOPOWER® helps to grow more quality yield on ZOYSIA Grass.

Study Investigator: M. Edenfield, Phd

Location of Study: Florida, USA, High Std. Commercial field

Study Period: Jun - Sep 2020

[T0] The control AKA Grower Standard
  • • Three applications: 20-20-20 fertilizer at 10Lbs/A
  • • June, July, August
  • • Untreated, No Cyan 365
No Cyan 365




[T1] PhysioPower® added to [T0] at low rate (16 Oz/Acre)
• Three applications:
[A] June

1 Pt/A

[B] July

1 Pt/A

[C] August

1 Pt/A




[T2] PhysioPower® added to [T0] at High rate (32 Oz/Acre)
• Three applications:
[A] June

1 Qt/A

[B] July

1 Qt/A

[C] August

1 Qt/A




  • • A research trial was conducted in 2020 to evaluate the use of PhysioPower® on Zoysiagrass - Icon, cultivated for SOD production.
  • • The trial was conducted at a commercial Zoysia sod farm in Arcadia, FL.
  • • The trial site was harvested for sod in January 2020.
  • • Following the January harvest, the trial site was managed for sod growth with a potential harvest at the end of September 2020.
  • • In June, 15 ft x 25 ft field plots were established in a north south direction and experimental treatments were replicated 4 times in a randomized complete block design.
  • • The center 12 ft of the 15 ft wide plot was sprayed with a back-pack hand boom.
  • • The spray boom was equipped with Tee Jet 8003VS flat fan nozzle tips spaced 12 inches apart and calibrated to deliver 35 gallons of spray solution per acre.
  • • The trial was initiated on June 20 2020 after complete ground cover was observed from the ribbon stripped sod harvest conducted in January 2020.
  • • Each treatment received 3 applications on June 20, July 27, and August 28.



  • • SOD growth was evaluated on 26 September 2020 and reported in Table 1.
  • • Each plot was sampled for plant growth by using a Turf Tec SPS3-S soil profile sampler.
  • • The soil probe extracted a profile sample of 8 inches deep, 3 inches wide, and 0.5 inches thick (12 inches3 or 197 cm3).
  • • Six soil cores from each plot were collected and combined in aggregate.
  • • The combined soil volume of 6 samples was 72 in3 (0.04 ft3) or 1,182 cm3.
  • • Soil profile samples were rinsed in water using a screen mesh strainer and then plant material was dried.
  • • Plant dry matter was separated by below ground roots and above ground thatch and foliage.





Is a product which contains pure natural active compounds and immuno-activators.

While it is improving the quality yield, It improves the efficacy of the fungicides.

Because Physiopower® is natural and helps to reduce the chemical inputs within modern agricultural practices,

Physiopower® helps to reduce the chemical residues.

Study Results


Root weight (High Rate)


Foliage Dry weight (High Rate)


Physiopower® is zero Phyto-toxicity

Enriched ++

Anti drought compounds

Objectives: To evaluate the use of PHYSIOPOWER® to improve yield and Quality on SOD (Zoysia grass)

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CONCLUSIONS OF THE SCIENTIST: PhysioPower significantly increased the plant dry weight of Zoysiagrass (Table 1 and 2). There was however no difference in root weight between the untreated check and PhysioPower at 16 oz/A rate. Increasing the PhysioPower rate to 32 oz/A increased root weight by +66.5% compared to the untreated check. A similar trend was also observed with the above ground plant foliage. PhysioPower at 16 oz/A was not statistically different than the untreated check, even though a 40% increase in foliage weight was observed. Increasing the PhysioPower rate to 32 oz/A increased the foliage dry weight by +111%.

Table 1

Dry weight count in Grams


  • It is important to observe the strong correlation between the dosage (rates) and the efficacy of the product on the grass.
  • 16 Oz per acre rate (low rate), there is no significant difference with the control. (+0.6%)
  • Whereas at 32 Oz per Acre rate, there is a strong incidence (+66.5%)
  • By passing the cursor on the bars of the graph, you will obtain the data value.



Table 2

Dry weight count on foliage in Grams


  • On foliage the difference is even more striking, the correlation between the dosages (rates) and the efficacy of the product is clearly demonstrated.
  • +40% at low rate of Physiopower on foliage (16 Oz per acre).
  • Whereas +111% of more dry weight on foliage with the high rate of Physiopower at 32 Oz per Acre
  • By passing the cursor on the bars of the graph, you will obtain the data value.