YIELD / ROOT MASS II On Young Citrus (Grapefruit) / Commercial Grove

Study Investigator: David Craig CCA at Scott Citrus Management

Location of Study: Florida, USA - Open field

Study Period: April - October 2016

[T2] Main Program | SOIL Application
App 1

1 Pint/Acre


App 2

1 Pint/Acre


App 3

1 Pint/Acre


App 4

1 Pint/Acre


App 5

1 Pint/Acre


App 6

1 Pint/Acre


  • [T1] Grower Standard (GS)
  • [T2]  GS + CYAN 365® (soil application)


Total product material needs for this trial:
  • • 3 quarts of CYAN 365® for the whole length of the trial. (6 pints or 0.75 Gals)
  • • Equivalent of 1 pint per acre rate of Cyan 365® received by tree at every spray.
  • • Total 6 applications at the frequency of one every 21 days.


Agronomic details for this trial:
  • • 4 years old young citrus, ruby red grape fruit on sour orange root stock
  • • 200 acres size of the grove
  • • 115 Trees per acre (TPA) as density reference
  • • Trial made over 120 trees total subdivided in 2 plots
  • • 60 trees untreated (the control)
  • • 60 trees treated (Cyan 365®)
  • • 20 trees per repetition and per treatment
  • • 3 repetitions total per treatement


Date and duration:

• Trial started:  Apr. 1st

• Completed: Oct. 2016

• Total duration: 6 months


  • Recognized as one's most reliable technics by the scientists
  • 120 samples total placed each in a sealed bag and tagged
  • 2 shovelful per tree
  • 2 feet away from the base of trunk and opposite to the drip irrigation
  • 8 inches deep hole
  • Screening & sifting for each sample
  • Scaling
  • As per IFAS methodology
  • 44 cages placed in the soil
  • South West angle
  • 2 Feet away from the base of the trunk

Study Results


More Rootmass

+46 Grams

More root weight


Cyan 365® is zero Phyto-toxicity

+58% root mass difference between the Grower standard (un-treated) and the treated trees with Cyan 365® applied by soil. (+46 Grams in difference of weight).

Objectives: In real conditions within the same block, back to back, grower standard untreated versus grower standard treated with CYAN 365®, just one variable added: To show and demonstrate how CYAN 365® applied by soil application, can help young perennial fruit tree (citrus) to develop, primarily, more root mass and secondary more feeding roots (fine root hair). Main parameters monitored for this study: weight for root mass.

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+58% more root mass in [T2] Cyan 365® than in [T1] the GS

More Root Mass by +46 gr (+58%) in [T2] Cyan 365® than in [T1] the GS. The only variable added to the grower standard, is Cyan 365®

Visual control for root mass between the two treatments [T1] GS and [T2] Cyan 365®



Tree monitoring
  • 120 trees flagged and monitored at total
  • Every 21 days a photo of each tree has been taken in the grove 
  • Each tree has 6 individual photo (once a month during 6 month
  • Here is an example: