Row crop - Agronomic study for YIELD on PEANUTS (open field)

Study Investigator: UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA - USA - W. Scott Montfort (investigator), David Conger (Director)

Location of Study: SUNBELT EXPO

Study Period: 2018

Main Program for VEGRO®
App 1

1 Pint/Acre

Main stem elongation

App 2

1 Pint/Acre

Inflorescence emergence

App 3

1 Quart/Acre

Flowering emergence

App 4

1 Quart/Acre


App 5

1 Quart/Acre

Fruit growth & Seeds


The Grower standard is [T1], also called untreated. Every following treatments from [T2] to [T8] have been placed on top of the grower standard [T1].

[T1] Grow. Std Untreated

• [T2] Synth. Hormone M

• [T3] Synth. Hormone R

• [T4] Synth. Hormone S

• [T5] Nutritional complex

• [T6] AA Complex

• [T7] Microbes complex

[T8] Vegro®


Director of the study: David Conger (Crop and Soil sciences)

Supervisor: W. Scott Montfort (supervisor)

Agronomic Protocol
  • Variety considered into this trial: ARHHY, BPNT, AKA: Arachis hypogaea, Peanut = USA
  • Measurements:
    • • Yield (Lb of Kernels) by plot
    • • Vigor (row 300 Ft)
    • • Count Plant by emergence (row 300 Ft)
    • • Plant Format: Height and width
  • Plot size:
  • Density per plot:

Study Results

+20% YIELD

Vegro Vs Grower Std

+15% Better

Than Synthetic hormones

+17% Better

Than Amino Acid complex


Chemical residue


Phyto Toxicity

100% Natural

Active compounds

Piece count and weight count and calibration, directly made by the grower himself.


+20% Quality yield (kernels in Lb per plot) Vs the Grower standard.

+15% (Avg), Vegro® is more efficient than Synthetic hormones considered into this trial.

+17% (Avg), Vegro® is more efficient than Amino Acid complex considered in this trial.

Except the yield, Vegro® compared to the Grower Standard has the less incidence on the size of the crop. 

Vegro® is significantly the best treatement in this study. It brings the best ratio of Kernel per acre, About +20% extra yield,

and it demonstrates that the energy brought by Vegro® is oriented toward the fertilization process of the Kernel. 

With Vegro®, More peanut is not equal to more vegetation... In other word the money spent for Vegro® is the best return on investment.

Objectives: Agronomic study conducted in 2018 by the University of Georgia on peanuts with the goal to evaluate the impact on the yield, different products supposed to improve it.

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YIELD (Lb per Plot)
Plant Count Emergence (PLAEM)
  • With Vegro® the energy is getting concentrated on the fertilization process of the pods than the vegetation.
  • Plant emergence counted on a row of 300 Ft and replicated 6 times for each treatment.
Plant evolution of the height
  • Measured on a randomized row of 300 Ft
  • Replicated 6 times by treatment
Plant evolution of the Width
  • Measured on a randomized row of 300 Ft
  • Replicated 6 times by treatment
  • Vegro® is showing an enhancement on the canopy width.
  • Most likely because of the number of pods generated underground.