YIELD / COLOR BREAK on Citrus (tangerine)

Study Investigator: M. Edenfield, Phd

Location of Study: Florida, USA, Commercial field

Study Period: Feb 2020 - Apr 2020

[T0] The control AKA Grower Standard
[T1] Cyan 365® alone on top of the Grow. Std.
  • • Applied one time at Spring 
    • 60 Days before Harvest
App [A]

1 Quart/Acre




  • • A research trial was conducted in 2020 to evaluate the use of Cyan 365® on mature Murcott (honey tangerine)
  • • The trial was conducted at a commercial grove in Avon Park, FL on mature thirty year old trees.
  • • This grove had been infected with Citrus Greening disease for several years and fruit ripening in the spring was becoming more and more delayed and erratic since the onset of Citrus Greening.
  • • Tree were planted in a North-South direction with a spacing of 10 ft x 20 ft or 217 trees per acre AKA TPA.
  • • Plot size was seven trees long (70 ft) 
  • Treatment has been replicated six times (6)
  • • Rate for Cyan 365® considered 1 Quart per Acre.
  • Cyan 365 treatments were applied once on February 4th 2020
  • • With 145 gallons of water per acre in a commercial research (Rears Pak Blast) orchard air blast sprayer.  
  • • Cyan 365 treatments were applied about 30 to 45 days prior to expected harvest.




  • TOTAL: 1 application (A) for Treatment 1 whereas 
  • [T0] Untreated A.K.A Grower Standard and/or GS
  • [T1] GS + Cyan 365® @ 1 Qt/Acre rate (A)



  • Foliar Applications (Apps. A)
  • Application (A): 02/04/2020 
  • • Which corresponds to 60 days before harvest





Three evaluations have been made, successively: 

03/12/2020; 03/16/2020; 03/23/2020 



• 03/12/2020

• Fifty fruits were counted on the west side of the tree and east side for a total of 100 fruits.



• Fruits were categorized by the colors of: Orange, Green or Color Break (mixture of orange and green)




THE PRODUCT: Cyan 365®


is a natural product which contains pure natural compounds and immuno-activators. It improves the efficacy of the fungicides whereas it helps to reduce the overall chemical inputs and helps as well, to reduce the chemical residues into the final piece of fruit. 

Study Results


More Color Break induced Vs the Ctrl


More orange color induced Vs the Ctrl


Less green color Vs the Ctrl


[T4] Cyan 365® is zero Phyto-toxicity

Objectives: To evaluate the use of CYAN 365® to enhance the fruit ripening and color break on mature Murcott (Honey Tangerine) with severe symptoms of greening HLB

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IN RESUME: Conclusions made by the scientist Mike Edenfield PhD in his report, "This study demonstrates that Cyan 365 helps to induce color-break in Florida tangerines. This study also demonstrated that it takes about 60 days to initiate color-break which will help to improve fruit ripening recommendations with the product. "


SPECIAL NOTE FROM THE SCIENTIST (Quote): On March 12, 37 days after treatment there was no difference in any treatment for improving fruit color from green to orange. A similar trend was noted on 16 March (41 days after treatment) where there was no difference in the percent of fruit that was either completely orange or completely green. Fruit color differences were noted on 24 March, 49 days after treatment. At the final evaluation Cyan 365 started to initiate a color change where more fruit had started color-break. Cyan 365 at 1 qt/A increased color-break by 32%. Mike Edenfield (PhD Scientist)






These numbers are the results obtained by comparison with the check AKA Grower Standard.

  • • +25% fully Ripened Fruit (orange)
  • • +32% Color Break (mix of orange and green)
  • • -26% Non Ripened Fruit (green)

• As observed by the scientist, Cyan 365® helps to induce the color break on tangerines grown in Florida and affected by the greening-HLB. These results are significant enough for being possibly incorporated into the grower's programs.

• With trees weakened by the Greening-HLB, Cyan 365® can represent a good and a natural solution to compensate a delayed ripening.

• Also it can be an advantage to be the first on the market...

• Cyan 365® is a natural product, by helping to reduce the chemical inputs, it also helps to reduce the chemical residues in the final piece of fruit.  

Notes: It is also remarkable to notice that these results have been obtained with one single spray of Cyan 365® at the rate of 1 Quart per Acre at 60 days prior harvest.