Veggies - Green Beans farm experiment for Quality Yield

Study Investigator: Grower and distributor

Location of Study: Florida, USA - Open field

Study Period: September - October 2013

Main Program
App 1

1 Pint/Acre

From 3 True leaves unfolded

App 2

1 Pint/Acre

7 DA App 1

App 3

1 Pint/Acre

7 DA App 2

App 4

1 Pint/Acre

7 DA App 3

App 5

1 Pint/Acre

7 DA App 4

App 6

1 Pint/Acre

7 DA App 5

App 7

1 Pint/Acre

7 DA App 6

App 8

1 Pint/Acre

7 DA App 7


[T1] Grower Standard

[T2] GS+Vegro®

Agronomic Protocol

20 acres’ block

Divided in 2 plots of 10 acres each. (ditch line)

3 plants have randomly been chosen and picked by the grower himself in each plot. (treated and untreated)

Weight count, unit piece Count and calibration have been made directly by the grower himself.

A equal distance has been measured to pick randomly the three plants in the center of each plot (treated and untreated).

Study Results


Size #6.5, Yield in most marketable quality


Overall Yield Increase on sizes # 5;6.5;7

Piece count and weight count and calibration, directly made by the grower himself.


+15% Size #6.5 More yield in most marketable quality.

+17% More Quality Yield for most marketable sizes: 5;6.5;7

Objectives: In real conditions within the same block, back to back, grower standard untreated versus grower standard treated, just one variable added: to show and demonstrate the ability of VEGRO® to improve at first the quality yield and more particularly, the marketability by improving larger sizes and more uniform sizes. Main parameters monitored for this study: Yield (weight and unit pieces count), color, fruit size distribution.

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Quality yield experiment (weight count in Lbs)

Overall result shows a yield increase of 89%

Visual on results

• Gage used for calibration
• Photos speak by itselves