CYAN 365®

A liquid natural biostimulant that fortifies your large perennial fruit/shell tree! The studies on CYAN 365® are backed up and the results astounding. CYAN 365® is a natural biostimulant that works in combination with your fertilizers and/or fungicides, to strengthen your trees at the core and produce high quality yields. It also helps to improve the efficacy of your fungicides and which might help so to reduce the chemical inputs. It promotes vigor, early maturity and makes in overall your tree naturally healthier.

Phyto Hormones
Immuno Activators
Sustainable Agriculture
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The Benefits of Using CYAN 365®

CYAN 365® is a proven product that farmers all over the country are talking about.  Studies show that using CYAN 365® improves significantly the quality yield (+25% Avg), reduce the early fruit drop (-23% avg) and improve the efficacy of the fungicides (results vary according the disease). It is resulting an overall healthier crop. High profile citrus farmers in Florida are using CYAN 365® to reduce the bad stress generated by the HLB (citrus greening). 

As per agronomic data, we have also developped with CYAN 365® specific programs for young perennial fruit trees. The results for young citrus trees are quite astounding, height (+52% avg), canopy stimulated (x5 times larger), trunk diameter improved by almost x2 times.

CYAN 365® has been uniquely formulated for LARGE perennial fruit trees like citrus, peach, apple/pear, almond, walnut, pecan...

Please read our agronomic studies on different crops that demonstrate scientifically the performance of our products.

Quality Yield
Early Drop
Fruit Size

CYAN 365® Main Program

Improve the quality of your yield by promoting the packout ratio and the inner quality of the fruit (juice content, brix...). In the same time you will improve the overall health of your crop. The natural immuno-activators contained will improve the efficacy of the fungicides and will also help to reduce your chemical inputs whilst you will continue to produce more quality yield. Grow more efficiently, grow more naturally! Grow more sustainable!

Stages of Application

Pre Bloom


Post Bloom


Color Break

Per Acre

1 Quart

1 Quart

1 Quart

1 Pint

1 Pint


Pre Bloom

Delayed dormant-bud break is optimal for application and act on the undifferentiated buds and help to predispose them to form strong flowering inflorescences, and at the same time increase & enhance the silk strenghts. These balanced flowering structures tend to set and hold a greater percentage of fruit, and carry this furit to maturity. (cell differentiation process)



CYAN 365® (cell division) at 50% bloom to 1st petals fallen is ideal and act to shift the carbohydrate distribution system of the tree (carbohydrate partitioning) so that the flowering fruiting structures of the  tree receive more of the tree's resources (increasing the «sink strength» of flower fruit set). During this period of fruit development (stage #1), there is a rapid cell division which will determine the ultimate fruit size, it is during this period that CYAN 365® is enhances this process allowing for potentially larger fruit to develop. It is well known that faster growing fruit set produces more fruit to harvest, while slower growing fruit abscise early in their development.


Post Bloom

Applications of CYAN 365® (cell enlargement) at post bloom will continue trends established with the first two applications. There is an increase in the amount of carbohydrate partitioned to the developing fruit and increasing silk strength. This spray is also fundamental to insure the good quality formation of the fruit. This effect is also responsible for developing and/or re-energize the canopy (photosynthesis activity stimulated) and help as well to decrease the premature fruit drop.



For less early fruit drop, make usually the application at summer (mid June) of CYAN 365®  to reinforce the resistance of trees subjected to high early fruit drop during the natural process of  "fruit/shell competition". This application is also beneficial to the summer flush, helping to develop stronger and larger size leaves which will better nourish the developing fruit. (cell enlargement)


Color Break

To insure an earlier and more uniform rippening (color break) in the final phase to complete the fruit development before harvest. This is important because it is the money time period. Everything is there and the quality yield obtained needs to be secure until the end.

Crop Specific Treatment Program

CYAN 365® icon

Large Perennial Fruit tree for "LEAF MINER " on Citrus (Grape Fruit in this study)

Objectives: To demonstrate the ability of CYAN 365® to improve the efficacy of the insecticide made for helping to reduce the "Leaf Miner" on citrus.



Reduction rate of Leaf Miner between [T6] Intre. and the Ctrl [T1] no insecticide


Reduction rate of Leaf Miner between [T3] Agr and the Ctrl [T1] no insecticide


Reduction rate of Leaf Miner between [T5] Agr+Cyan365 and the Ctrl [T1] no insecticide


More efficacy when Cyan 365® is added to Agrimek [T3]


More efficacy in [T5] (Cyan365+Agrimek) than in [T6] Intrepid


Is the degree of efficacy brought by Cyan 365® with Intrepid.


Reduction of the Leaf Miner in [T2] (Cyan 365 solo) Vs [T1] Ctrl with no insecticide


Cyan 365® is zero Phyto-toxicity


Overall best treatment (Insecticide+Cyan365)
CYAN 365® icon

Large Perennial Fruit tree in 2018 for "GREASY SPOT" disease (Grapefruit in this study)

Objectives: To demonstrate the ability of CYAN 365® to improve the efficacy of the fungicides against Greasy Spot but also to help to grow more quality yield, more natural, more sustainable and more profitable.



GS severity goes down from 61% to 35.8% with Cyan 365® HR [T4] Vs [T1]


Pack-Out Rate in [T3] Cyan 365® Low Rate (1Pt/Acre)


NO DAMAGE fruit in [T3] Cyan 365 Low Rate (1Pt/Acre)


Marketability improvement between [T1] Ctrl (no fungicide) Vs [T3] Cyan 365 LR


More fruit count with [T4] Cyan 365® HR Vs [T1] Ctrl (no fungicide)


More fruit weight with [T4] Cyan 365® HR Vs [T1] Ctrl (no fungicide)


Less fruit drop with Cyan 365® LR [T3] Vs [T1] Ctrl (no fungicide)


Is the rate of fruit drop with Cyan 365® LR. (best)


[T4] Cyan 365® is zero Phyto-toxicity